Show the invisible!

Impress your customers with the precise computer generated display of the pressure distribution on the insole crafted indivdually by you.

You simplify the manufacturing process using the display of pressure peaks as colour graphics true to original on the workpiece.

Using a powerful video beamer the colour graphic is even discernible on dark surfaces. Made possible now for the first time by display to scale of static and dynamic pressure distributions onto the insole, you gain insight into the impact of the product on the foot.
Furthermore we hand you a tool with which to demonstrate the quality of your work in the most impressive way. Let the customer see with his own eyes the correction of faulty loads using the vivid projection onto the customers insole, thus providing acceptance and enthusiasm for continued use of the product.

The projection of the pressure distribution onto the insole focuses on two benefits for the user.
Projection the pressure distribution onto the insole makes your work more transparent. An easily understandable solution for a foot problem develops right in front of the patients eyes. This provides active marketing for your effort.
In the workshop the projection of the pressure distribution is a useful tool for exact manufacture and checking for correct functionality of the insole later under the foot. Thus projection also avails itself as measure for in house quality management.

medilogic Druckmessplatte Pro (USB)

Fertigungsunterstützung in der Werkstatt

  • Originalgetreue, direkte Abbildung auf dem Werkstück
  • Statische und dynamische Druckverteilung sowie Fußscan
  • Exakte Fertigung und Überprüfung der Einlagenfunktion
  • EInfache Funktionskontrolle
  • Papierloses Arbeiten

Aktives Marketing

  • Blickfang im Verkaufsraum weckt Interesse für Ihre Analysesysteme
  • Demonstration von Fehlbelastungen und deren Korrektur
  • Erhöhte Kundenzufriedenheit

Die Druckverteilung im Fokus

medilogic Projektion
In the light of the projector the pressure peaks and the benefit of cushions and pelottes appear tangibly before your eyes. The software feature of showing differences between two measurements allows for the impressive display of load redistribution. Areas of less and areas of more pressure clearly stand out.
Die im Schuh sonst unsichtbaren Druckveränderungen können mittels medilogic®Projektion ans Licht gebracht werden. Demonstrieren Sie Ihrem Kunden an der speziell gefertigten Einlage den Unterschied in der Druckverteilung.
Projektion auf Werkstück
(may change without notice)

  • Projector:
    Resolution: 1024×768
    Light intensitiy: 1.300 ANSI Lumen
  • Stand:
    Foot Print: BxT 80×85 cm
    Height: approx. 250 cm
  • Software requirements
    medilogic Foot Pressure Measuring System
    Insole FLEX Version 4.4 or higher
    or platform measurement Version 4.4 or higher
  • x86 compatible processor, min. 2 GB RAM
  • 1 unused VGA port
  • 1 unused USB-port
  • Windows®  7 / 8 / 10
  • Technical support via phone for free
  • Technical support via remote maintenance for free