Horse saddle measurement

The flexible medilogic® Saddle Mat enables you to capture the pressure distribution on the horses back.

The complex interaction of forces between horse, saddle and rider is measured during relevant motion phases or while standing. For subsequent analysis with the medilogic® software. It becomes apparent in which phases of motion and where under the saddle undesirable pressure peaks occur. The distribution of weight from the rider can be easily shown.
Together with the influences of speed and the weight of the rider the riding technique affects the pressure distribution and can be analyzed.

Dynamic measurement of pressure distribution under the horse saddle

  • Measurement of the pressure distribution on the horses back while moving
  • Wireless transmission of the data with maximum range of movement
  • Comparison of different saddles
  • Objective check of saddle fitting
  • Documentation and control of the own work
  • Showing the complex interaction between horse, saddle, rider
  • Comprehensible and objective representation of the influence of pace, velocity, riding stile and technique
  • Synchronized video record for even more detailed information
  • Analyzing system to support the training of the rider

Intuitive Software

  • Ergonomic design
  • Online display of measuring values incl. Synchronous video capturing optional possible
  • Display centre of pressure life and for evaluation
  • Storing with integrated customer database
  • Play-back and evaluate the recorded riding sequence
  • Comparison of two measurements
  • Pressure distribution in maximum value
  • Pressure distribution in average value
  • View in 2D / 3D
  • Display of Isobaric- / Sensor view
  • Declaration of the pressure values in N/cm² or psi
  • Play-back in real time or slow motion
  • Print out with your own logo

What’s happening while riding underneath the saddle

anatomically shaped saddlemat

Horse with mat and western saddle

Headline zum Video

Watch this short video of a horse-saddle pressure-measurement.
It shows how T&T medilogic displays the pressure underneath the saddle and what kind of analyzing options the software offers you.

(may change without notice)

  • anatomically formed flexible saddle pad:
    approx. 880mm x 790mm
    measuring area approx. 680 x 710mm
    with 446 SSR sensors
    Power supply: 9V standard battery
  • 240 to 480 SSR-Sensoren
  • Range of measurement: 0,2 bis 8 N/cm²
  • Sampling rate: 60 / 120 Hz
  • x86 compatible processor, min. 2 GB RAM
  • 1 free USB Port
  • Windows® XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Technical support via phone for free
  • Technical support via remote maintenance for free