Scheme of application

Gait analysis

  • Analysis in sports
  • Control of diabetic
  • Pre-/ Postoperative monitoring recovery (Reha)

Foot analysis

Druckmessplatte Basic
  • Registration of the status foot
  • First-time analysis
  • Dynamic footprint

Analysis of balance and foot

Druckmessplatte Pro Kabel
  • Gait analysis
  • First-time analysis
  • Superposing of several steps

Visual registration

medilogic Fußscanner
  • Supply with orthopedic insole
  • Documentation of the status foot
  • Interface for CAD-milling-concepts


medilogic Projektion
  • Customer understanding
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing instrument

Pressure distribution in wheelchair

medilogic Sitzmatte
  • Prevention of seating decubitus
  • Optimization of seating position
  • analysis of seating position static & dynamic

Saddle position

medilogic Sattelmatte Fahrrad
  • Sitting postion rider
  • Saddle position
  • Optimization human-machine-interface