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Is the Use of the Wireless Data Transmission Harmless in a Medical Environment?

The use of the transmission set / WLAN data transmission in a medical environment is unrestricted possible.


How can I embed the isobaric display as an animation in a presentation?

There are programms and freeware making a record of your computer screen and save them in formats like avi or swf.

How many sensors does an insole have?

The number of sensors depends on the size and ranges between 100 sensors (size 37) and about 200 sensors (size 47) per foot. This means the insole has approximately 1 sensor per cm².

What is the working principle of the pressure sensors and how are they calibrated?

The insoles are working with surface resistive pressure sensors. This means, the electrical resistance is going down while the pressure on the sensor degrees. For reaching a high accuracy each single sensor is calibrated before delivery. These generated characteristics are saved in tables in the electronic of the insole respectively of the platform. The characteristics are to be proofed regulary . We recommend a calibration at least once a year or after 5.000 loads/steps. Therefor the system has to be send to the manufacturer.
A calibration before each measurement is not necessary (and also not possible with this system).

How many insoles are delivered with the system? Which sizes are available?

The default system has 5 pairs of measurement insoles in 5 sizes. You can choose from Size 19/20 up to 49/50.

With what kind of service does a medilogic system comes with?

We offer a great extensive service!
The installation, teach in the system with the clients at customer site (Europe) without extra costs.
Advice for operation areas as well as marketing questions without extra costs.
Technical Support Hot line with our engineers without extra costs besides of the normal telephone costs.
The systems stays up to date with the cost-efficient service contract (including calibration (ISO 9001), software update, working hours in case of reparation).

What kind of (graphical) tools for analyzing does the medilogic system offer?

The pressure distribution is shown in the following views:
sensoric view
isobaric view (2 dimensional)
mountain view (3 dimensional).
The software offers the following defaults for the evaluation:
maximum pressure,
average pressure,
impuls of pressure,
gait line,
zyclogram (shows the movement of the center of pressure/ gravity).

Besides of this the following tools are offered for the gait analysis:
time graphic (pressure/time diagram)
COP-dynamic (progress of center of gravity over the measured time).

The calculation of the clients middle step as a typical pattern of the client is the base of the gait analysis. You get a chronological sequence of steps. With the help of a mathematical method, the middle step is calculated.

The pressure-time-diagram of this middle step is going to be evaluated for the separate foot areas as well as for different measurements in the comparison. With the longtime experience of medilogic in the area of technical supported gait analysis, some pregnant and for the practical analysis reasonable parameters of the human walk were chosen. First of all these are parameters coming from the load distribution working at the foot (impuls of pressure). Nevertheless other parameters like velocity, steplenght and stancephace duration are determined. To make the evaluation and the analysis of these parameters more easy for the user the medilogic systems compares them with parameters of inconspicuous walk. Deviations from the comparative value are marked with traffic light colours.

Is it possible to compare two measurements at once in the software?

The comparison of two measurements (e.g. before and after a supply) is possible via graphical comparison.

Is it possible to combine medilogic with a video supported gait analysis ?

With the medilogic video (an optional module) the implementation of a synchronous video is possible.

Is it possible to install the software more than once and can it be used in a network?

The medilogic program can be used for networking and multiple installations without any additional costs! A reasonable (networking) installation is going to be done from our service team at delivery time. The access on the measurement data to other computers is possible via a network connection.

How does a data- /measurement exchange work between different computers?

The exchange of a single or a group of measurements is possible without any problem on any storage medium and also via the medilogic email-option.

Which interfaces are possible in combination with an insole milling cutter system?

At the moment the interfaces to the following milling systems are implemented:
GloboCAD, PedCad, IETEC, ComfortSpline, OrthoFit, pedcad, Go-Tec
The adaption to other milling systems is possible without any additional costs!

Which data interfaces are possible for the exchange of the clients data?

The data migration interface from client data administration systems is possible.
At the moment the following interfaces are implemented:
Cosinos, Paedus, OrthoTronic, OrthoPro, Dicompacs, TopM, opta data, Cosi Txt, GDT, BRUNIE, Acriba, THEDEX, Sani Concept, MM-Orthosoft, TEMI_TBI-Soft.
The adaption to other administration systems is possible without any additional costs!

Is the medilogic system suitable for a mobile use?

The medilogic System is delivered in a handy transportation case. By using a a mobile laptop a the system can be used in full mobility at different places.

How is the data transmission working?

The measurement data are transmitted wireless. During the record the data is shown in live time on the screen of your computer. No afterwards-transmitting necessary.