Company – our profile

Who we are:

A medium sized enterprise in the medical technology, which has its emphasis in the areas bio mechanics and image processing. Quintessential points of our work are measurement and evaluation of mechanical size at humans and animals.

What do we want:

With our particularly for the clinical routine suited products within the ranges bio mechanics and image processing with high technical level we want to obtain a broad acceptance with the users. We want to make a contribution for the introduction of new and/or improved diagnostic and therapy aids to the everyday life. At the same time we want to form ourselves by our broad pallet of service -, service and selling offers to a partner of the medicine.
Which goals do we have:
Our principal purpose is the development and production of medicine-technical devices, which unite highest possible technical level with practical management in the medical everyday life. Among our chief work areas the course analysis and the image processing rank. Thus we give high-quality media to all, which concern themselves with the measurement and evaluation of motion quantities at humans, to the hand..

Where do we come:

We are engineers of the bioengineering, which are occupied intensively for several years with bio mechanics and image processing. Important stages on these ways were own theses (diploma) and theses. In a set of publications in the in and foreign country as well as own patents we documented our ideas already often.

…and where do we want:

An important point within the range of each medical mechanism are the special requirements to the electrical security of the used technology and the entire installation. This point gains more in the age of an increasing mechanization in the medicine ever significance. In this very sensitive field we want to put our know-how with the examination of electricalmedical plants to all medical mechanisms at the disposal, since we can conceive and also examine these plants. Our principal purpose is however further the development and production of practice-relevant medicine-technical devices on highest possible technical level not only for large mechanisms, but also for institutions with smaller patient numbers.