Company – our profile


Who we are:

A successful company in the medical technology sector that focuses on biomechanics and image processing. The core of our work is the measurement and evaluation of mechanical parameters in humans and animals.

What do we want:

With our products in the fields of biomechanics and image processing with a high technical level, which are particularly suitable for clinical routine, we want to achieve broad acceptance among users. We want to contribute to the introduction of new or improved diagnostic and therapeutic aids into everyday life. At the same time, we want to distinguish ourselves as a partner to medicine through our broad range of service and sales offerings.


Our goals:

Our main goal is the development and production of medical devices that combine the highest possible technical level with practical manageability in everyday medical practice.Our main fields of work include gait analysis and image processing. Thus, we provide high-quality working tools to all those who deal with the measurement and evaluation of movement variables in humans.


Our origins:

We are biomedical engineers who have been working intensively with biomechanics and image processing for several years. Important stages on these paths were our own diploma theses and dissertations. We have already documented our ideas many times in a series of publications at home and abroad as well as our own patents.


…and where we want to go:

An important point in the area of any medical facility are the special requirements for the electrical safety of the technology used and the entire installation. This point is becoming more and more important in the age of increasing mechanization in medicine. In this very sensitive field, we want to make our know-how in testing electromedical equipment available to all medical institutions, as we can design and also test these installations.However, our main goal continues to be the development and production of practice-relevant medical-technical equipment at the highest possible technical level not only for large institutions, but also for institutions with smaller numbers of patients.