The kit of the medilogic FootScanner with its single components allows a well-priced start while buying the single optical FootScann. You can expand it at anytime with the pressure messurement or the messurement of balance.
The user-friendly graphical user interface allows a quick and detailled analyses of your messurement results.
The medilogic FootScann is the ideal tool for an effective diagnostic, accomodation and documentation.
Use our innovate cross linking of approved methods.
The interdisciplinary diagnostic tool for an optimal patient treatment.

medilogic Fußscanner

Efficient documentation as well as foot analysis

  • Optical Scan
  • Overlay with pressure distribution
  • Measurement fully and partially loaded
  • Medical device conform with German MPG
  • Easy handling
  • Low profile
  • Access to the medilogic database
  • Network compatible
  • Service free
  • CE- certified medical device of class 1m

Intuitive Software

  • Ergonomic design
  • Post processing of the foot scan
  • Storing with integrated customer database
  • Cross fade with medilogic pressure measurement,Insole or Platform, possible
  • Print out with your own logo, in 1:1, abstract report

EIn funktionales Aufnahmegerät auf höchstem technischem Niveau


Der Fußscanner in Aktion im klinischen Alltag.

Er erträgt alles (bis 180 kg).

medilogic Fußscan Software

Die einfache Handhabung der medilogic Software.

Die Druckmessplatte Pro Funk in der Anwendung

In diesem kurzen Video wird die Durchführung in ihrer Einfachheit schön dargestellt.

(may change without notice )

  • Dimension: LxBxH: 63,5cm x 43,4cm x 11cm
    Scan Area: 43cm x 30 cm
    Weight approx. 7 kg
  • load limit: 180 Kg Bodyweigt
  • Default time for Scan: 10 Seconds
  • Highspeed time for Scan: 3 Seconds
  • x86 compatible processor, min. 2 GB RAM
  • 1 free USB Port
  • Windows®  7 / 8 / 10

CAD – Software:

  • PedCad
  • Rothballer
  • ID:CAM
  • GloboCad


  • Cosinos
  • Paedus
  • Rothballer
  • Orthotronic
  • Orthopro
  • Dicompacs
  • TopM
  • opta data
  • GDT
  • Brunie
  • Acriba
  • SaniConcept
  • MM-Orthosoft
  • TEMI TBI-Soft
  • Sanivision

Other Interfaces:

  • Email-exchange directly from the software
  • Crossfading with pressure measuring data
  • Technical support via phone for free
  • Technical support via remote maintenance for free