Pressure Measuring Platform NX (WLAN)

The medilogic foot pressure measuring platform NX offers the unique possibility to enlargen your gangway to your own fits. THe modular concept enables to link up to 25 measuring platforms. In a row, in a double-row or in a rectangle.

A single platform gives you the option of dynamic or static pressure measuring underneath the foot. The measuring field is 384 x 384 mm and has 4.096 sensors. This means 2,8 Sensors per square centimeter.

The evaluation of the middle step out of several single steps is given by the medilogic software.

medilogic measuring Platform NX

  • up to 25 single platforms as an interlocking system
  • individual to configure
  • more flexibility
  • data transmission via WLAN
  • batter-operated, completely wireless
  • 100 Hz sample rate
  • capcitive pressure sensors
  • measuring range 0,5 – 100 N/cm²
  • medilcal device class I

Intuitive Software

  • Ergonomic design
  • Real time picture during measuring
  • Storing with integrated customer database
  • Recording and analyzing of several steps
  • Pressure distribution in maximum value
  • Pressure distribution in average value
  • View of Impuls
  • View in 2D / 3D
  • Gait line
  • Playback the steps in real time or slow motion
  • Print out with your own logo, in 1:1, abstract report

A functional measurement system on highest technical level

The pressure measuring platform NX as single platform with dynamic footprint.

The dynamic footprint evaluated of several steps. The view shows every single step for left and right side as overlay as well as the gaitline of several steps.

The pressure measuring Platform NX in the configuration with 7 platforms is a N7 – Here you see it as a gangway.

Haben Sie noch etwas Geduld! Zur Überbrückung sehen Sie die WLAN Sohle

Dieses Viedeo veranschaulicht die einfache Handhabung der Messung im Schuh und zeigt die direkten Auswertemöglichkeiten der Software, wie sie auch für die Platte NX bestehen.

(may change without notice)

  • platform:
    4096 capacitve pressure sensors per single measuring field
  • Density of sensors: 2,8 sensors / cm²
  • Dimension of single platform: 384 x 384 mm
  • Dimension head piece: 90 x 384 mm
  • Configuration: up to 25 single measuring fields
  • Powersupply via internal accumulator
  • Range of measurement: 0,5 to 100 N / cm²
  • Sampling rate: Up tp max. 100 Hz
  • WLAN Data transmission
  • Frequency: 2,4 GHz
  • Range inside buildings: 25 m
  • CE – certified medical device class I
  • x86 compatible processor, min. 8 GB RAM
  • 1 free USB Port
  • Windows®  7 / 8 / 10
  • Technical support via phone for free
  • Technical support via remote maintenance for free